Welcome back to our blog page here at Top Notch Locksmith! As Philadelphia’s leading commercial and residential locksmith, we’re familiar with all kinds of reasons to need our high-quality services. Philadelphia area people have called us for home and business lockouts, lock changes, commercial services like panic bar installation and high-security lock and key apparatus, and so much more! When you find yourself in need of a Philadelphia locksmith who is trustworthy, experienced, and professional, look no further than to the experts at Top Notch Locksmith! Contact us today to schedule services!

As your Philadelphia-area locksmiths, we’re used to assisting people with whatever lock and key needs they may have. We do tend to get a lot of calls from locals when they experience a residential or automotive lockout or a broken key. When most people reach out to their local locksmith for those basic services, it’s easy not to realize the extent of our commercial services.

Our commercial locksmith services are actually quite varied, advanced, and professional and in today’s two-part blog series, we’re going to dive into what Top Notch offers in the way of commercial locksmith services. Continue reading to learn more about everything that we can do for your Philadelphia business!

Master Key Systems

A master key system is one that offers businesses differed levels of access to their building for different employees. In most master key systems, the Philadelphia business owner gets the ultimate master key that unlocks all of the locks in the building. At the same time, the employees might get keys that only open designated locks. With the ability to completely customize the access privileges, we can offer business owners a higher level of security through our commercial locksmith master key systems.

Master key systems do have certain advantages. They are convenient, cost-effective, provide security, offer efficiency, and give the business owner a level of control that they can appreciate. If you’d like to learn more about getting a master key system implemented into your business, contact your Philadelphia commercial locksmith today!

High-Security Locks

When we’re talking about residential locks here in the Philadelphia area, most people are satisfied with a simple, yet sturdy knob lock and deadbolt. However, when we’re the security of your Philadelphia business is at stake, you want to know that your locks can’t be compromised.

High-security locks provide an increased resistance to failure and can withstand more than the average knob lock and deadbolt. The main goal of high-security locks is not necessarily to be undefeatable, but rather to make compromise too expensive and time-consuming to be tempting. Many high-security locks in our area have some of the following characteristics:

  • Restrictive Keyways
  • Key Control
  • Key Differs
  • Manipulation Resistance
  • Forced Entry Resistance
  • High Manufacturing Tolerances

High-security locks are a great investment for your Philadelphia business because they’ll offer a level of protection that other locks can’t compare to. If you’re interested in high-security locks at your place of business, reach out to Top Notch for our commercial locksmith services today!

Thanks for staying with us for part one of our blog series and keep an eye out for part two which will be coming soon! In the meantime, check out our website to learn more about our unique services, and to contact us for locksmith services for your home, business, or car today!