If you’re running a commercial business, you need a master key. Businesses get broken into far more than homes because they have more valuable items to steal. If a burglar breaks into a business they aren’t risking getting shot by someone who collects Glocks and semi-automatic weapons. If they break into a business, it’s easier to grab the till or a few pieces of merchandise rather than spend time rooting around in a home for something valuable to take. Businesses are a larger target because they’re just all around easier to take advantage of. Suffice it say that you’re absolutely going to need a master key as well as other commercial locksmith services in Philadelphia to keep your property protected. Master keys provide more than a sense of security they provide superior control and extreme convenience, we don’t need you to sell you on them. The product’s features will do that themselves.

Master Keys have Restricted Keyways

Keyways are the passage that accepts the key or rejects the key. For example, if a criminal somehow manages to get a copy of your key to your business, the security of your business is in catastrophic danger. The money you’ll need to put into recovering from a disaster of that nature would be an astronomical figure. Who knows what they’d steal and you’d have to try and press charges, but that’s only if the police manage to find anyone. Master keys all come with re-keyable locks which makes it easy to switch out your locks on a regular basis. That means if a key gets copied or a bad employee doesn’t give up the key after being removed from their post, you’re still in power and nothing is at risk, security wise. Control programs that come customarily on a master key prevent all unauthorized copying. Restricted keyways ensure that key blanks for that particular keyway do not exist on the market making entry with another, similar key utterly impossible.  

Key Serialization

Every master key is serialized. They carry a unique serial number that lets you better identify each individual locking system. The individualized serial number can be used to track the key to the original holder and provide information about the key itself, in the sense of what it leads to as well as the kind of locking system it works on. That information is all available through cloud-based key tracking software that is always accessible. This lets you know how many of these keys exist, who has them and what level of access each key can provide to the various members.

Your Commercial Locksmith Keys Can Be Tracked

The biggest defense for calling up your commercial locksmith in Philadelphia and having them install a commercial master key system is that every master key can be tracked. You can keep of every single key in the system, including your master keys. You can see what locks can be opened with that key and keep a real pulse on the organization on a lock and key basis. Contact Top Notch Locksmith and find out more about our remarkable commercial locksmith services and how they can secure your business.