While, technically speaking, it’s not in our best interest to steer you away from calling us in your hour of need, we’d rather not have you stuck in a sticky situation to begin with. You’re way better off holding onto your keys and spending your would-be locksmith money on improving your home security with better locks than having your trusty Philadelphia locksmith pop open your door because you locked yourself out of the house at 7 AM before work. Thus, we’ve rounded up the best key finders on the market now, so that in the event that you don’t know if your keys are somewhere in the grass or still on your bedside table, you can maybe avoid needlessly investing in pop-a-lock services.

Popular Option: Tile Tracker

They definitely sell these at Best Buy, so that means they could be on sale for Black Friday if you’re into that sort of thing. These little guys are awfully popular and it’s because the company offers a huge variety of options to choose from. There’s the Tile Mate, The Tile Sport, the Tile Slim and a couple of “discontinued” options that you can still find online. While the Slim is designed for wallets and to be slotted into the back of phone cases, the Tile Sport rises like creme to the top because of its considerable 160-170 foot range.

Superior Battery: Njoiii

Despite not being able to pronounce the name of this little trinket, it’s got the best battery life on the market. The battery lasts around 12-18 months and can be changed lickety-split when it finally dies. It’s not the cheapest device to help you find your lost keys, but it’s also water-resistant which is a plus if you’re prone to dropping your keys on the regular.

Wallet-Friendly: E-Byta

The dollar is king and this little key finder doesn’t require many of those to acquire. Specifically, there’s a variation that rings in at about $7 and comes with two trackers. While that battery life only lasts between 6-8 months, the battery can be replaced pretty easily. Best of all though for those forgetful folks is it has an alarm function through simplistic paring on your smart device. If your phone and E-Byta lose the connection you’ll receive a notice, hopefully before you close the locked door on yourself and have to give Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia a call.

The Loudest: TrackR

There are two options, the TrackR Pixel, and TrackR Bravo. The Bravo may be thinner, but the Pixel boasts a 90-decibel alarm when your phone and key tracker are out of range of one another. You may think that’s a pretty loud little trinket and, granted, it could be going overboard if you don’t regularly leave your keys where they’re not supposed to be. But if you’re calling your locksmith on the regular to come and rescue you from your front stoop, it might be time to take out the big guns: The TrackR Pixel.

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If you’re reading this after the fact, and you’re currently locked out of your business, car or home in Philadelphia, give us a call. We’re always here to help you out of a tight situation when you’ve been separated from your keys.