What are the types of commercial locksmith services does Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia Provide?

As a small business owner, Top Notch can attest to the difficulties starting a business.  After starting the business there are so many aspects to look into, it can become extremely overwhelming.  From payroll, to employee happiness, to data protection, to overhead, to daily activity… it is DAUNTING.  Now, we do appreciate all the small business owners in the Philadelphia region, but we would like to put a careful reminder, to actually protect your physical assets.  Whether speaking to the physical building, documents or employees, the physical safety is pivotal.  From violent/fired employees, to burglars, your front door and access arae is pivotal.  If we could go back a few years, a simple moat would do the trick.  Pull up the drawbridge for the night, and call it a day.  Well, we can’t necessarily dig you a moat, but we can get a moat like security system placed for your business entity.    If you may have forgotten to update your security needs or need a brand new commercial security system, search locksmith philadelphia, and we will be there to help.

Take a moment to read a some, but not all services we provide for our commercial customers.

Your Front Door – Exit and Entry Lock Services

Clearly, as a main service we provide to our Philadelphia demographic: lock services.  Fixing locks, its the name of the game.  In this point, we are directly speaking to the entry point of your business and any other specific  exit point.  We do understand, these are the most trafficked areas for your business, by far.  It is pivotal these locks are fucntioning appropriately, are sturdy, and can handle any potential threat.  While we do understand, you are the business owner, and things are under control.  We do want to note: You do not have the time to check these doors.  You may additionally, and with respect, not understand how to effectively check these entry or exipt points.  Top Notch can ensure your entry and exit doors are Top notch quality :).

Our Philadelphia commercial locksmith will take the time to check and qualifiy each entry and exit door to potentially point out any specific issues.  If in fact we do see a slight problem or major issue, we can take it upon ourselves to get these locks updated.  Think about a minor issue vaulting into a major problem.  Get in touch with our commercial locksmith philadelphia, if you are in need of a bit of change to your security.

Do you have a safe? We can install, relocate and break in

We can greatly assume, business records are either located digitally or in your location.  No, we are not trying to pry into your details, but we can assume they are somewhere.  Perhaps in a safe?  Again, no fingers being pointed!  If you do happen to have a safe on the property, we can back the idea.  Safes are great for storing, and housing personal and business infomration.  We can 100% help relocate the safe with dolleys or potentially break into a safe if need be.  You may assume a crowbar is a simple solution, but trust the professionals to handle the job for you.  We can effectively break in, and ensure you can access your documents.  Looking for an install?  We can help too!

Big Heavy Duty Locks – Install and Replace

As a business owner, we want to help you sleep better at night.  We can potentially direct you to the best mattress supplier in the area, but we can 100% ensure the security of your business is protected.  Guarantee it.  Ensuring your assets are protected from internal and external threat is our speciality.  If you have every been interested in high security locks or sercurity types, we can help!  Whether we are speaking to a new installation or perhaps a repair, trust in our locksmiths to get the job done.

Panic Bars and more

While we don’t want to draw attention, we need to make the note: Panic bars are getting more and more pivotal each year we exist.  As everyone knows, the increase in commercial/school/property threat has increased over the past few years.   Panic bars are pivotal for any business who is in need of an IMMEDIATE lockout.  If there is a potential threat or issue, you do not want any hesitation or confustion.  You want the ability to avoid an aggressive burglar or even worse, a shooter.  Panic bars are important because they can keep your assets, and emplyees safe if need be.  Perhaps a bit much, but you would prefer safety if need be.

If you are in need of our commercial locksmith services, please don’t wait, and contact us immediately!