As a Chester Locksmith we enjoy visiting this rustic northern Philadelphia area due to the rich history.  Do you live in Chester?  Are you aware of the incredible history this unique town has gone through?  Whether you simply ask your greatgrand pappy or perhaps do a bit of research yourself, you may be quite shocked/interested in your findings.  Did you know, Chester wasn’t always called Chester?  In fact, our Locksmith in Chester is aware William Penn renamed the city from the old and original title: Mecoponaca.  Additionally, the entire city actually used to be an entire tobacco farm.  Can you believe it?  Perhaps if you dig deep enough you may find the roots of the  first plants!  All humor aside, we do revel in the rich history Chester provides.  Of course we forgot to mention Chester wasn’t named until AFTER it was already re-titled from Upland by Penn.  Whether Penn simply decided to give up or keep Chester, we do believe the city is thankful.  With such a long and varied history, of course the homes and businesses are going to vary in longevity.   This means all different types of doors, locks, buildings and locksmith services.  With our tenure we are able to work on 100+ year old locks, as well as brand new products.  While we are headquartered and titled as a Philadelphia Locksmith, we have multiple locations across the DMA which allow us to travel to Chester quickly!  This allows us to give a competitive price, and ensure you are on your way or the job is completed in a timely fashion.  Learn more below now.

Getting New Locks For Your Home – Chester Locksmith Recommendations

Did you just move into a new home in Chester?   Did you just buy or is a new build?  Either way you should 100% be interested in installing new locks for your residential home.  If you have lived in Chester for a period or perhaps brand new, you may also be aware of the crime rate.  As noted prior in other documents and pages onsite, we always… always assume positive intent when we are speaking to citizens who live in PA.  Even so, we as locksmiths, do tend to see the darker side of humanity, and with the business we are in, we do see a lot of break ins.  Chester is no exception to break ins or theft, so we recommend the new home buyers or owners, install quality locks on their homes.  Please keep in mind, you will 100% get what you pay for or invest in.  We recommend purchasing or even asking our team for the top types of residential home locks.  They will protect you, your family, your assets, and realistically your life, should the event ever end up calling.  Cheaper locks will break down, and they will not protect your home or family.  Whether we are in Chester or another neighborhood in the US, your home is your rock.  Do not let a criminal enter with ease.  We also fully recommend investing in window locks too.  You would be surprise how many home invasions or break ins with no broken door or lock.  Users tend to not lock or have weak locks on their windows and criminals slip right in.  Do not put yourself in jeopardy, but protect yourself today.  Overall, we want to ensure your family is safe and secure, day or night.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our locksmith service if you have questions or concerns about your safety in your home.  While we do love helping our citizens, we do not want to return for the same issue or more.  Make the right choice and upgrade your locks today.

Commercial Locksmith In Chester

Are you a business owner in Chester?  Have you recently purchased a new store or perhaps a staple in the city?  We most likely have visited your location at least once!  Of course it is very important to protect your business, given, but do you know how protected your current establishment really is?  We fully recommend allowing our Top Notch Locksmith service to take a look at your location.  We will test the see if the doors are functioning appropriately, but also how durable they are.  Can they handle a kick?  Can they handle a break in?  Of course we will not be slamming into your doors, we can simply tell by structure and also lock durability.  Look for cracks, etc.  We will also check all windows too.  Same applies.  We will 100% recommend 2021 updates to you business establishment it may be lacking from simply existing.  Whether we are speaking to entirely new locks or perhaps installing a keyless entry system.  Keyless entry can be set up in a lot of ways to protect your business, but also alert you should an inclement situation arise.  CCTV is also a very wonderful way to keep your property safe too.  Whether you are a local small business on the corner, attached to a strip mall or in a larger building such as a bank or church, Top Notch Locksmith is the best commercial locksmith for you.  Contact us today!

Get Your Locksmith Chester Quote Now

As we have gotten into the locksmith business for one main reason, to help protect people, and help them get on their way.  Life is extremely busy, and it comes at you fast.  You may lock your keys in the car, you may lose them, you may lock them in the house, you may have a break in, but don’t worry too much!  Our locksmith team is trained in all aspects of the locksmith industry, and is focused on providing the best overall experience to the wonderful community of Chester.  As we tend to recommend to anyone who is looking for service, make sure to always ask a lot of questions when calling any locksmith, and provide as much detail as possible to get the best overall quote.  From commercial, to residential, to automotive, Top Notch Locksmith is there for you.  Get a locksmith quote today!