1. We’re The Top Auto Locksmith Philadelphia Depends On

    Why Should You Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith If you may have forgotten where you placed your keys or perhaps you know where they are, but simply can't reach, this is a perfect reason to reach out to Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  As a top Philadelphia Locksmith , we completely understand, being locked out of your vehicle is stressful.  You may be on your way to something extremely impor…Read More

  2. A Few Pivotal Aspects To Look Into Prior To Hiring A Philadelphia Locksmith

    As we all know, most situations where a locksmith is needed, typically surrounds a high stress environment.  Most, not all, do not tend to use their decision making skills to the best of their capacity.  Its blunt, but very true.  The first note, before jumping into specifics, take a deep breath, remember everything will be ok, and you will get to where you need to be.  Now, getting past the m…Read More

  3. Circumstances Which Mandate Calling A Philadelphia Locksmith

    When we think about the daily activities in life, such as your house, automobile, or work, are the tools to enter these locations.  Car keys, house keys, safe keys, and more, these tools are extremely pivotal in keeping your daily life moving.  From the simple turn of the key in your auto, to the front entrance to your house, to the electronic keypad in your commercial business, it would be seem…Read More

  4. 3 Common Ways To Get Your Front Door Working Properly

    Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Does my front door look too easy to break into?"  Honestly, according to our Philadelphia Locksmith, this does matter!  From a brand new door, to a door appearing to be made of metal, to a door who has a duct taped window, to a door which just looks... weak, appearance does matter.  Criminals, by most, are looking for the easiest way to make money.  This me…Read More

  5. 4 Quick Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

    The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day are some of the most hectic and chaotic of the year. It's also the time of year when burglaries go on the rise thanks to a combination of increased purchases, additional mail, and more time away from home — think travel, holiday parties, school events, and more. Basically, this time of year is a burglar's dream. Not only that, but home accidents …Read More

  6. Steer Clear Of An Unlicensed Philadelphia Locksmith

    Having been locked out ourselves, we truly understand the frustration, anger, awkwardness, and overall embarassment from a locked out situation.  Realistically, we know this can happen at any point, anywhere, and honestly, at any point during the day.  Getting locked out is usually... never planned.  I mean think about it, do you really want to be stuck outside in a grocery store parking lot or…Read More

  7. The Importance Of Having Deadbolt On Your Door

    Did you know, almost 6/10 burgalaries in America involved a forced break in to a home, car or business?  Craszy right?  Realistically, if you do not have a deadbolt on your door, you are essentially promoting yourself to be broken into.  No really.  If anyone who is looking to steal, pillage or commit theft notices a lack of deadbolt, they will most likely try to break in.  Drop kicking the d…Read More

  8. Philadelphia Locksmith Recommendations For Self Locked Out Help

    As many of us know, who commute daily or use an automobile often, there is nothing more awkward then locking your keys in your vehicle or find you aren't able to get back into your car.  There are a ton of reasons why you are stuck in a grocery store parking lot, outside someones home at night, on a road trip or even coming out of the movies.  Even with all of these reasons compiled together, no…Read More

  9. Philadelphia Locksmith Advice on Garage Door Troubleshooting

    While we do specialize in residential, commercial, industry, auto, and rekeying, we would like to give some tips and tricks for making sure your garage door is working properly!  As one of the if not the biggest access point to your home, we do feel a special connection to it.  Wanted to pass some knowledge on how to troubleshoot any garage door issues.  If you potentially need another door, no…Read More

  10. Locked out of our car during holidays? Call our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Welcome to December!  Its the time of the year where family members come together from all over the US to celebrate the joy of happiness, togetherness, and the holidays.  Whether you follow a certain religion or simply love the joy of the holiday spirit, we hope from Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, everyone has a wonderful and happy time this holiday break.  Give a bigger hug, drink a bit mor…Read More