1. 4 Common Locksmithing Questions Answered

    At Top Notch Locksmith in Philadelphia, we understand that there’s always a first time that you need a locksmith. That can be daunting. After all, who knows if you’ll be getting fair pricing, what to expect in terms of the effects on your car, if any locksmith will do, or if you should even be calling a locksmith at all. If you’re wondering if you need a locksmith, or if you want one, then t…Read More

  2. What To Expect With Locksmiths and Lockout Services

    Using a locksmith for the first time can be daunting, maybe even a little awkward. After all, you just call somebody to come let you into your car, they let you in, and you’re on the way. It can seem a little too simple and perhaps a little unsafe to someone who’s never used a locksmith for being locked out of their car or home. We’re here to put your mind at ease. With years of locksmithing…Read More

  3. 5 Ways To Avoid An Auto Lockout

    As you walk to your car, still chuckling about the jokes, stories, and catching up that took place over lunch, you reach into your pocket or purse for the keys to your car. Your smile starts to fade as your hand grasps for the familiar feeling fob, but it’s not there. A quick pocket pat confirms the fear that has crept into mind and stomach, and you know that the keys are still inside the care b…Read More

  4. Hints At Finding The Best Philadelphia Locksmith – Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

    Locks are extremely imperative in keeping your assets, belongings or family safe.  Locks protect us every single day, and typically we do not take the time to truly understand their value.  The times we do take a deeper look, we are most likely in a precarious or unfortunate situation, such as a: car lockout, home lockout or needing a new transponder key.  In these types of instances, ensuring …Read More

  5. One Philadelphia Locksmith To Rule Them All – Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia

    Many residents in Philadelphia absolutely love living in the city, day in and day out.  The wonders of Philly are only surmised by the beauty of the architecture.  Even so, a wonderful day can turn into complete disaster if you happen to: misplace your car keys, lock yourself out of your home or potentially need to rekey an entire apartment complex for a new tenant.  Who do you call?  Who can …Read More

  6. Call A Philadelphia Locksmith – Keep Your Mind Straight – Car Keys Are Lost

    Having seen hundreds to thousands of car lockouts over our tenure, and in life, we can greatly understand how frustrating it can be.  Not only do you feel potentially foolish, but this is a major hindrance in your day, and potentially, your week.  On top of the time wasted or self-pride, your wallet will need to be utilized to help get you out of this situation.  As noted in other blogs, and on…Read More

  7. Locked Out Of The House w/ Pets – Philadelphia Locksmith Tales

    We can completely understand, life is stressful, especially in the Philadelphia area.  With all the excitement from kids, to work, to relationships, to money, to worries, to everything, things can get a bit crazy.  We get it, and we understand.  Things can get overlooked.  Coming home from work, dealing with the insane traffic from Philadelphia DMA on your way home, focusing on that most recen…Read More

  8. Rekeying Locks vs Changing Locks – Explained by our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Rekeying vs changing locks.  Most do assume they understand the difference, but unfortunately we see time and time again, constant confusion on the subject.  Changing locks vs rekeying actually is quite different, and one can save you a bit more money down the road.  Most of the time, when users see these two options, they make a decision based on what they have invested.  Typically this is a …Read More

  9. When The Power goes out: Ideas From the Locksmith Philadelphia Depends On

    Chances are if are/have been a resident in the Philadelphia area, you have most likely experienced a power outage in your home or business. Power outages happen, and they are much more common then people tend to realize. Now comparing specific home outages vs city outages, can be a different cup of tea. When a town/city/DMA experiences this calamity, many spiraling notions can happen post outage. …Read More

  10. Unexpected Auto Services From A Philadelphia Locksmith

    As a general rule of thumb  for almost all types of lock and key situations, if you are in need of opening, needing a new key or anything surrounding these two types of objects, a Philadelphia locksmith may be needed.  Of course this is a generalization, but if it calls for opening a lock, a locksmith should be your first call.  I mean, think about it, it's their/our jobs.  We literally live i…Read More