1. Why High-Security Locks are Important at Your Business

    At Top Notch Locksmith, we work hard to make sure that all of our customers in Bensalem, Levittown, and the greater Philadelphia area are safe, secure, and sleeping soundly in the knowledge and confidence that their locks and security systems will hold up. When it comes to residential locks, commercial security, and automotive services, Top Notch has absolutely got you covered. No matter what your…Read More

  2. 8 Common Reasons to Need a Locksmith, Pt 2

    In these winter months, we’re reminded more than ever why our job is so important. Here at Top Notch Locksmith, we take this cold weather very seriously because we may be a life-saving resource for people who are locked out and left stranded in the elements. Making sure that our customers are taken care of is our business, and we don’t take our job lightly. In our previous blog, we discussed s…Read More

  3. Enjoy Your Holiday Vacay: Tips for Home Security While You’re Away – Part 2

    The holiday season should be a time to relax and enjoy time together with those you love. For some, though, the holiday season can come with heartbreak and hassle, because the number of home burglaries typically increases every year at this time. But, don’t let the fear of a break-in deter you from taking that long-awaited vacation with your family! Instead, try these tips to protect your home s…Read More

  4. Enjoy Your Holiday Vacay: Tips for Home Security While You’re Away

    Mid-December to mid-January is one of the busiest travel times of the entire year. Whether it’s for business or fun, more Americans will be packing up and heading out, across town or across the country. Unfortunately, home break-ins also go on the rise this time of year. Don’t let worry for your home ruin your holiday vacation! Instead, try these professional locksmith tips to better protect y…Read More

  5. Winter Weather Woes: Are Your Locks in Trouble? Part 2

    This winter, snow may slow down your morning commute, cause pipes to burst, even cause roof damage from too much heavy snow. Unfortunately, a bit of frozen precipitation can cause everything from a minor annoyance to sizeable damage. On top of all those things you need to prepare for in regards to your family and your car to weather winter safely, there are several things you’ll want to prepare …Read More

  6. Winter Weather Woes: Are Your Locks in Trouble?

    With winter weather comes rolling in, most of us expect a few changes in our day to day routines. It may mean getting up earlier to clear the driveway of snow or scrape ice off the car. Winter weather generally also means allowing longer time for the morning commute because of slower traffic speeds on the snow. And, of course, it means the daily struggle to get all the kids into their winter coats…Read More

  7. How Locks Are Picked & How to Protect Your Home

    When it comes to home security, one of the biggest concerns most people have is with their locks. At Top Notch Locksmith, we regularly get asked which locks are the best for security purposes and, subsequently, which are the hardest locks to pick. Particularly with the advent of online shopping, obtaining a lock picking kit is easy, whether or not it’s legal in your area to have one. With the ea…Read More