1. Philadelphia Locksmith Recommendations For Self Locked Out Help

    As many of us know, who commute daily or use an automobile often, there is nothing more awkward then locking your keys in your vehicle or find you aren't able to get back into your car.  There are a ton of reasons why you are stuck in a grocery store parking lot, outside someones home at night, on a road trip or even coming out of the movies.  Even with all of these reasons compiled together, no…Read More

  2. Philadelphia Locksmith Advice on Garage Door Troubleshooting

    While we do specialize in residential, commercial, industry, auto, and rekeying, we would like to give some tips and tricks for making sure your garage door is working properly!  As one of the if not the biggest access point to your home, we do feel a special connection to it.  Wanted to pass some knowledge on how to troubleshoot any garage door issues.  If you potentially need another door, no…Read More

  3. Commercial Philadelphia Locksmith Services: What we can do for you!

    What are the types of commercial locksmith services does Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia Provide? As a small business owner, Top Notch can attest to the difficulties starting a business.  After starting the business there are so many aspects to look into, it can become extremely overwhelming.  From payroll, to employee happiness, to data protection, to overhead, to daily activity... it is DAUNT…Read More

  4. Locked out of our car during holidays? Call our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Welcome to December!  Its the time of the year where family members come together from all over the US to celebrate the joy of happiness, togetherness, and the holidays.  Whether you follow a certain religion or simply love the joy of the holiday spirit, we hope from Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, everyone has a wonderful and happy time this holiday break.  Give a bigger hug, drink a bit mor…Read More

  5. Smart Lock Technology – Tips from our Philadelphia Locksmith

    Upgrade Your Technology. A note from our Philadelphia Locksmith Have you been a bit annoyed with your security over the past few years?  Whether we are speaking to broken keys, losing keys, old locks or even theft/burgalry?  We can completely understand.  While using the ol' key and lock technique has worked well for centuries, we do recommend moving towards something a bit more... modern.  Th…Read More

  6. Bad Tenants – Get Your Apartment Rekeyed by a Philadelphia Locksmith

    Our Top Philadelphia Locksmith Has Seen It All - Bad Tenants Are you an apartment or a complex owner?  Have you had someone who no longer wants to live in your space or perhaps does not want to pay?  We hope there is a smooth transition away from these current/ex-tenants, but we also understand, sometimes it gets a bit intense.  Whether the tenant may not be able to pay or perhaps a lovers spat…Read More

  7. Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia – Pricing For High-Security Door Locks

    Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Advice - Pricing Your High Security Locks Right off the bat, we want to mention, "You get what you pay for!"  This is ever-present in the security industry.  This may be an age old tale, but an important one.  If you are looking to protect your commercial business or property, do NOT skimp on protection.  Think of the hundreds to thousands of dollars you put i…Read More

  8. High Security Commercial Door Locks: Advice from the Top Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith

    High Security Commercial Door Locks: Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith Tips If you are looking to improve your overall security for your commercial business, we do recommend a few types of high-securty door locks.  Keep in mind, when looking for a new piece of hardware or a new security system, the brand, type, and function is extremely important.  As the top Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith we…Read More

  9. Is It Time To Switch To Keyless Locks?

    If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you likely know how handy it can be to use an electronic, keyless lock. But did you know that keyless locks aren’t just made for businesses? In recent years, many of the most trusted lock brands have started releasing electronic keypad locks and other keyless entry options made specifically for residential purposes. If you’re interested in boosting the secur…Read More

  10. The Philadelphia Locksmith Advice: Doors and Window Sensors – 2

    Welcome welcome welcome back to the Top Notch Locksmith blog.  We want to thank you again for taking the time to learn a bit more about Door and Window sensors.  Our Philadelphia Locksmith is the Top Rated Locksmith in town, and we want to continue to stress the importance of safety for you, your family, and potentially your company!  Based on the drive to keep people safe and happy, we want to…Read More