1. Philadelphia Locksmith Advice: What does the term lock bumping mean?

    We like to speculate many people do know what lock bumping is.  Years ago, it was considered one of the top home break in tactics since the top maneuver: Lock picking.  If you recall, this was initiated by Henny Penny!  The general idea behind lock bumping is the current door model.  Residential homes still have the original cylinder lock style, which can be easily beaten.  Pretty much, the b…Read More

  2. Did you lose car keys while out running errands? Call our Philadelphia Locksmith!

    One of the more common routines for any resident in the US, is the bi-weekly or weekly pilgrimage to the grocery store.  While some may really enjoy taking the time to peruse through the aisles, we do believe a majority find the event cumbersome.  With any cumbersome event, our brains can tend to be a bit distracted.  When we get distracted, well... accidents occur.  Take a moment to learn a l…Read More

  3. Home Safety Matters: Re-keying and More Philadelphia Locksmith Security

    Among the top priorities for any homeowner, your home security should be near the top.  Makes sense right?  You have invested time, money, and passion into this asset. Protect it!  Your abode is one of the only areas you know your family, memories, and livelihood live.  During the interview process, in respect to burglars, they have begrudgingly admitted a few routine security practices can ma…Read More

  4. The Best Ways To Avoid Losing Your Keys and Calling a Locksmith In The First Place

    While, technically speaking, it’s not in our best interest to steer you away from calling us in your hour of need, we’d rather not have you stuck in a sticky situation to begin with. You’re way better off holding onto your keys and spending your would-be locksmith money on improving your home security with better locks than having your trusty Philadelphia locksmith pop open your door because…Read More

  5. Summer Vacation Security: Phildelphia Locksmith Tips For Your Next Vacation

    Summer is coming!  This means family trips, excursions or perhaps just some time for you and your significant other.  The summer months in the US are the heaviest traveled months of the year, and criminals know it.  When you do happen to leave your home unattended, whether you mean to or not, your home is a target.  While some of us make is quite easy, leaving doors open, others try to take se…Read More

  6. Common Reasons To Need A Philadelphia Locksmith: Auto

    Welcome back to another thrilling blog from Top Notch.  24/7, every single day, we strive to provide excellent service to Philadelphia, and its residents.  While focusing on residential lockouts, commercial lockouts, rekeying, we do spend a large majority of our days helping users get into their vehicles.   From changing locks, to key programming, to key replacement, we are here to serve.  No…Read More

  7. Locked out? The Top Philadelphia Locksmith Can Help

    Initially, and we completely understand, you may feel panicked at being locked out.  Do not worry, and simply like anything else, try to keep a calm, and collected head.  Since we are located in Philadelphia, hopefully any locksmith will be able to arrive shortly.  Keep in mind, Top Notch is on call for any and all emergencies, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  If not, you may be waiti…Read More

  8. The Things Your Commercial Locksmith Should Tell You About Your Master Key System

    If you’re running a commercial business, you need a master key. Businesses get broken into far more than homes because they have more valuable items to steal. If a burglar breaks into a business they aren’t risking getting shot by someone who collects Glocks and semi-automatic weapons. If they break into a business, it’s easier to grab the till or a few pieces of merchandise rather than spen…Read More

  9. How to Avoid Commercial Locksmiths Scams

    As a reputable and widely well-reviewed Philadelphia Locksmith, we feel it’s our duty to help you steer clear of potential locksmith scams. We’re familiar with how most folks find a locksmith when they’re in a pinch: they google “locksmith near me” and whatever the first result is they click on it and call the number attached to the business. What isn't acknowledged by many is that there…Read More

  10. The Value of Theft Protection in Your Business

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Top Notch Locksmith, Philadelphia’s Top Rated Local® source for residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services. Having served the Philadelphia area for years, Top Notch Locksmith works endlessly to make sure that our customers in and around Philadelphia are having their locksmith needs met. We work hard to get people back into their homes or car…Read More