1. Is It Time To Switch To Keyless Locks?

    If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you likely know how handy it can be to use an electronic, keyless lock. But did you know that keyless locks aren’t just made for businesses? In recent years, many of the most trusted lock brands have started releasing electronic keypad locks and other keyless entry options made specifically for residential purposes. If you’re interested in boosting the secur…Read More

  2. The Philadelphia Locksmith Advice: Doors and Window Sensors – 2

    Welcome welcome welcome back to the Top Notch Locksmith blog.  We want to thank you again for taking the time to learn a bit more about Door and Window sensors.  Our Philadelphia Locksmith is the Top Rated Locksmith in town, and we want to continue to stress the importance of safety for you, your family, and potentially your company!  Based on the drive to keep people safe and happy, we want to…Read More

  3. 5 Things Your Philadelphia Locksmith Recommends To Secure

    In this day and age, it is literally impossible to keep track of everything, let alone your personal, financial or asset security.  Even with the addition of smart phones in the past 20 years, seems to have moved us away from keeping things secure, and same inside and outside your home.  I mean think about it?  The amount of daily distractions are daunting!  Whether you are waiting on a waiver…Read More

  4. Trying to find the best Philadelphia locksmith? Check this out!

    As a philadlephia locksmith, the perception of poeple in our industry is one of the most frustrating factors.  We do understand, many of our competitors do not do the best job supporting or helping the public.  Whether they are brash, not timely or have poor pricing, the image perceived is generally negative.  On top of being locked out of your car or home, and the emotion behind it, you now ha…Read More

  5. Philadelphia Locksmith tips: What to do, when you are not able to get in!

    Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia wants to extend a warm welcome to everyone returning to read out blog.  As the fall season approaches, we do expect to stay pretty busy!  We the multitude of service areas we offer, we will be constantly zipping around the greater Philadelphia area.  As the temperature's do start to change, we understand the importance of getting back into your home or your auto…Read More

  6. The Perfect Philadelphia Locksmith – Commercial Services

    Greetings and salutations to the top blog page in Philadelphia, Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  We are the city's first choice in respect to residential, commercial and industrial services in the area.  If our local clients are not able to get into their homes or get into their vehicles, who do they call? Top Notch.  When our local customers who are business owners find they need assistance …Read More

  7. Did you lose your spare key? Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia can help!

    Spare keys are fun, especially when you lose them!  Ensuring you have your backup is important, but in all reality - in respect to automobiles, there are not a ton of spaces you can keep a spare.  We will go through some examples you may already do or know, BUT we may shock you with some of the more clever locations.  While it is important to have a spare, calling a locksmith who can answer the…Read More

  8. The Philadelphia Locksmith Advice: Residential Door and Window Sensors

    The bottom line, burglars, thieves, and robbers really don't have care if you are wealthy.  The goal of these ruffians is to find a home, vehicle or commercial business which has easy access, and can be broken into without a fuss.  Whether you have a $500k mansion, a 2003 Toyota corolla or a Wendy's franchise, if you leave yourself susceptible, you will be taken advantage of. So where do you beg…Read More

  9. Philadelphia Locksmith Advice: What does the term lock bumping mean?

    We like to speculate many people do know what lock bumping is.  Years ago, it was considered one of the top home break in tactics since the top maneuver: Lock picking.  If you recall, this was initiated by Henny Penny!  The general idea behind lock bumping is the current door model.  Residential homes still have the original cylinder lock style, which can be easily beaten.  Pretty much, the b…Read More

  10. Did you lose car keys while out running errands? Call our Philadelphia Locksmith!

    One of the more common routines for any resident in the US, is the bi-weekly or weekly pilgrimage to the grocery store.  While some may really enjoy taking the time to peruse through the aisles, we do believe a majority find the event cumbersome.  With any cumbersome event, our brains can tend to be a bit distracted.  When we get distracted, well... accidents occur.  Take a moment to learn a l…Read More