1. Unexpected Auto Services From A Philadelphia Locksmith

    As a general rule of thumb  for almost all types of lock and key situations, if you are in need of opening, needing a new key or anything surrounding these two types of objects, a Philadelphia locksmith may be needed.  Of course this is a generalization, but if it calls for opening a lock, a locksmith should be your first call.  I mean, think about it, it's their/our jobs.  We literally live i…Read More

  2. Realistic Reasons To Re-Key Your House – Locksmith Philadelphia Notes

    At Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia, we have been staying quite busy throughout the start of 2020.  We hope you have too.  As many of you already know, and some who may have been helped by our technicians, passion is in our blood.  We are extremely focused on getting our Philadelphia residents back into their assets, and out of the extreme cold.  The winters... can get a bit rough! If you happ…Read More

  3. Breaking Through Iced Auto Issues – Philadelphia Locksmith Recommendations

    If we are speaking to the changes over the past few winters in Philadelphia, most would not smile.  When we think of "winter squall" or "snowstorm" or "global warming" most shrug their shoulders and simply consider this is a normal time of year for Philadelphia citizens.  So what there is a polar vortex swirling around?  So what we have white outs?  So what we have below freezing days where ki…Read More

  4. How To Get Into Your Car – Advice from our Bensalem Locksmith

    If you happened to get locked out of your car, we 100% recommend calling your local bensalem locksmith.  Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia has two locations, and Bensalem is our second!  Supplying affordable quotes, timely service, and above and beyond customer satisfaction, allows us to stand out from the crowd.  If we happen to be a bit further away or simply working with other customers, we d…Read More

  5. Lost or Broken Car Keys In Philadelphia (Part 2)

    As we started in our prior blog, What to do if you lost your car keys in Philadelphia , our Philadelphia Locksmith wants to take you through a few types of common questions about losing your car keys, needing to speak to the dealer and more.  While we completely understand this situation can be above and beyond frustrating, we do want you to practice patience.  If all else fails, get in touch wi…Read More

  6. What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys In Philadelphia (Part 1)

    Misplacing, losing or "accidentally" forgetting where your automobile/car keys are, can be extremely aggravating and frustrating.  We completely get it.  You may have had an entire plan setup for the day, late to get the kids to school, on the way to a new job interview, needing to get to school for an exam or any extenuating circumstance near or far from the examples above.  By far one of the …Read More

  7. 3 Bensalem Locksmith Tips To Save Mula On Locks

    As a resident in Philadelphia, as well as the United States, budgeting comes to play.  Whether we are speaking to a daily budget, weekly or yearly, money is something we look at in everyday life.  As Americans, we tend to budget for almost everything: travel, groceries, family and so much more.  Have you ever thought about saving money on locks?  As a top Bensalem Locksmith, we recommend 100% …Read More

  8. We’re The Top Auto Locksmith Philadelphia Depends On

    Why Should You Contact Our Philadelphia Locksmith If you may have forgotten where you placed your keys or perhaps you know where they are, but simply can't reach, this is a perfect reason to reach out to Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia.  As a top Philadelphia Locksmith , we completely understand, being locked out of your vehicle is stressful.  You may be on your way to something extremely impor…Read More

  9. Are you locked out? Search Locksmith Warminster for help

    Living in Warminster, Pennsylvania can get a bit hectic.  Whether we are speaking to the extreme climate changes, the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, the build up of traffic or simply just living in the city, anyone can get distracted.  We would hope you may not get distracted enough to accidentally misplace your keys, leave them at home, break them, lock them in your car or have them st…Read More

  10. A Few Pivotal Aspects To Look Into Prior To Hiring A Philadelphia Locksmith

    As we all know, most situations where a locksmith is needed, typically surrounds a high stress environment.  Most, not all, do not tend to use their decision making skills to the best of their capacity.  Its blunt, but very true.  The first note, before jumping into specifics, take a deep breath, remember everything will be ok, and you will get to where you need to be.  Now, getting past the m…Read More