Did you know there is a newer service in the past years to verify contractors like locksmiths? Oh yes!  Google created a new system aimed at improving the entire process with locksmiths and their customers.  Are you a bit confused on what Google Guaranteed means or why its important to look to this channel or idea first when searching for a Philadelphia locksmith?  This page speaks to what Google Guaranteed is, how and why the process got started and why it is an advantage to look to this avenue first or at the very least use a reference to reflect to Google maps.  At the end of the day, we want to ensure for all citizens in Philadelphia, they are calling the best possible company.  While Top Notch boasts a fair amount of reviews, you may not see us or find us immediately.  While we would love to take on every call in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, we understand this is not physically possible.  Learn more about being a locksmith in Philadelphia and who Google Guaranteed can help you make the best possible locksmith decision.

What Is Google Guaranteed – From Our Point Of View

Google Guaranteed is a service which started a few years back which was meant as an alternative to adwords.  Google Guaranteed ads appear at the top of Google’s page.  Here is an example of what a Google Guaranteed listing looks like:

These listings are above Google text ads, and show a few lovely or positive characteristics about the business.  As you can see from the image, GG shows star rating, the Google Guaranteed badge, specifically where you are searching and if the company services, and if the business is open.  While this is a simple display, you can click in further to see a bit more information as well.  See below a GG profile for a locksmith in Philadelphia:

These specific listings, per locksmith, give a breakdown of total reviews, phone number, images, and specific notations the business is offering to make you more aware of their services or specific business attributes.  This allows you to find the best possible locksmith based on what Google recommends.  Google Guaranteed is based on a cost per call or cost per approved job basis.  This varies tremendously in comparison to Google Adwords cost per click model.

Why was Google Guaranteed or Local Service Ads Created?

This can be answered in two thoughts: improving Google’s experience for advertisers/business owners and/or improving the connection with this industry or contractor industries and the customers.  Let us break this down further.

Improve The Experience For Advertisers

While many customers do not see this aspect nor care (truly), advertising on Google Adwords used to be the main focal point for driving traffic or business and/or connecting residents with contractors.  Now, if you are not aware, each time you click on a google ad, this then charges the business.  While this sounds like a logical model, the industry isn’t necessarily as bright.  Whether you are in Doylestown, Bensalem, Philadelphia or Los Angeles, the contractor industry has started to take quite the change in respect to Google ads.  While we do not represent ourselves in Google Adwords due to the situation below, Google Adwords is now a volatile area for contractors.  Fraudulent clicks or duplicate kicks are forever relevant in this industry.  Let us paint you a picture.  You own a company, you are not getting calls, you sit in your truck or van or office, and click on your competitors ads.  This allows their ad budget to deplete, and then… they no longer show.  This allows your business to appear more.  Crazy right?  Crazy… but true.  Thus Google created LSA or Google Guaranteed to help protect business owners.

Improve The Connection Or Safety Of Customers

This is more of a specific to the industry of contractors as a whole.  Especially, as we are in March of 2021, a note on the safety of your family or tenants or employees.  This industry has gotten a bad rap based on the business model.  Pricing, service and more.  Google created this program to background check and qualify these companies as recommended.  Should any business, locksmith or not, not pass these qualifications, they will not be listed.  This is a true reason to back any Local Service business as Google Guaranteed.  They are licensed, background checked and more.  To be a bit more blunt, they companies you can trust to enter your home.  You can ensure your family/tenants/employees will be safe.

Google Guaranteed – Guides Google Maps

Google guaranteed is a great way to see which businesses have been background checked and qualified.  Even so, you can then take your eyes from the local service ads area, to the maps, and compare and contrast.  Example is: Top Notch.  We have over 500+ reviews in Local Service Ads, we also have 400+ reviews on Google Maps.  When checking from LSA to the maps, you can then ensure the reviews are real and the business can be trusted.  Almost a guide if you will.  At Top Notch, we understand your family’s safety is of the utmost importance and we are here to ensure you are comfortable with our service.

Contact Our Locksmith In Philadelphia Team Today

As we are very happy to be a top locksmith in the area, we are also thrilled to have the Google Guaranteed trust badge applied to our brand.  As the page notes, this industry gets a very hard time based on prior experience and overall assumptions by a few bad eggs.  Top Notch goes above and beyond for our customers, and truly focuses on customer satisfaction for the sake of success.  We value each and every appointment we have, and will do everything in our power to ensure the happiness as well as the safety of our demographic.  If you are looking for a refutable locksmith, we recommend the following: look to Local Service Ads to see if they are certified, then travel to the maps, then see if they rank organically, and call.  To be honest, Top Notch should be your first call every time.  Contact us today!