Backed by years of industry experience, our local locksmith team uses only proven and effective means for granting you access and providing security to homes, vehicles, and businesses of all types. Utilizing the industry’s leading innovations in security and lock and key systems, we guarantee your complete and total satisfaction in all that we do. From commercial locksmith services, to residential, to rekeying, to auto unlocks, we can help anyone in Philadelphia with any locked out situation. As a premier Philadelphia Locksmith, we strive for perfection on every single call. Our core factors: Affordability, timeliness, and professionalism. Ensuring our customers are safe, happy, and on their way is absolutely pivotal to our success as a Philadelphia locksmith business. Find out why so many of your friends, neighbors, and associates prefer Top Notch Locksmith Philadelphia by contacting our expert technicians now. We look forward to serving you.

Boosting Protection Where You Need It

Our business is all things lock and key, which really means that our business is here to help with all manner of physical security measures. Our Philadelphia locksmith team can help with so much more than broken locks and lost keys! Yes, things like lock installation matter to us, and our mobile locksmith team is committed to doing the job right every time, but even more important to us is helping with the ongoing security of your business, vehicle, and/or home.  With our technicians being certified each year, continual onsite training and education, and a plethora of hands on training, we can ensure you are getting the best possible locksmith team in Philadelphia.  Here’s a bit about how we can help: 

Business/Commercial Property Locksmith Services

Your high-tech security system is only as strong as your weakest lock. We start with checking your existing locks, providing rekeying services, and installing new locks as needed. But we can also help with business safety needs like panic bar installation. On top of that, we can set up master key systems and other lock and key needs to help keep your Philadelphia business secure without keeping customers away.  As a local and family owned business, we want to ensure every local establishment is protected from internal or external crime.  As we like to assume positive intent, the amount of break ins does not seem to decrease.  Do not show weakness in your exterior, and upgrade your locking system today.  We fully recommend looking into keyless entry services as well.  These types of locks are a serious upgrade to the old “lock and key”. Each solution we offer is customized to your needs, so give us a call to start with a consultation!

Residential Philadelphia Locksmith Services

Home lockout help is one of the most timely services we offer, but our Philadelphia locksmith team can do so much more to help protect your home. For example, did you know that you should rekey the locks any time you move into a new home? It’s a quick, easy way to boost security and doesn’t require a change in hardware! On top of that, we can also replace broken keys, install new locks or repair broken ones, and talk about security options if you need a housekeeper or babysitter to have access to your home.  Home lockouts are by far the most prevalent type of call we receive, but we do offer additional residential services: new locks, locks for windows, key duplication, safe installation, quality checks and so much more.  As a local Philadelphia resident, the safety of our community is pivotal.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our expert locksmiths today.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Most folks think that the only thing a locksmith can do for your vehicle is to pop a lock. We can, of course, but our mobile locksmith team can help with more than that! Our Philadelphia locksmith team can replace car keys or repair electronic key fobs as needed, so you can get on the go again faster — and without wasting hours at your local dealership. If something is going wrong with a car lock, we can provide the repairs you need. We can also help with things like rekeying your car locks and ignition if you’re looking for a quick way to boost security on a previously-owned car or truck.  For our car locksmith service, we do recommend bringing as much information as possible to the introductory call. With more information we can correctly give the best possible quote and the best idea on expectations for job completion.  How many doors?  How many keys? How many locks? Even the backstory on how you got in this particular situation, can be extremely beneficial for our locksmith company.  We want to get you into your vehicle and/or on the road as quickly as possible!